Our Philosophy


It is the intention of J.A.C’s Learning World to provide a place where children love to be. We believe that every child has the right to be treated equally and that children learn and respond best to and build relationships with teachers and educators when are built in a warm, comfortable, friendly safe and positive environment. As stated in the Early Years Learning Framework, ‘In early childhood, and throughout life, relationships are crucial to a sense of belonging’. We endeavour to follow each child’s emerging interest and incorporate these into daily experiences, building on and scaffolding learning to suit individual learning abilities.


We encourage participation from families and the general community into the daily program. It is important that along with the wider community we work to gain knowledge of our community needs and together plan to meet these needs to the best of our ability. In alliance with the Early Childhood Code of Ethics (ECA) we will ‘Connect with people, services and agencies within the communities that support children and families’.


At J.A.C’s Learning World we are committed to respecting Aboriginal culture and recognise Indigenous Australians as the original caretakers of the land. We believe that it is very important to understanding each child’s background. This includes developing positive relationships and gaining knowledge of parents, caregivers, and staff to assist in the child’s growth and development. As stated in the Early Child Code of Ethics (ECA) ‘Respect the uniqueness of each family and strive to learn about their culture, structure, lifestyles, customs, language, beliefs and kinship systems’.


We are committed to teaching children to value and respect each other’s differences and also create awareness of a diverse range of culture and beliefs. As well as respect for each other and our community, we aim to build the children’s self-confidence by giving each individual child the time and attention they need to develop to the best of their ability.


J.A.C’s Learning World places an extremely high value on the natural learning environment. The environment allows children to go freely back and forth between inside and outside encouraging children to experiment with autonomy from adults, both physically and symbolically. Our natural environments allow for investigation and discovery by children with different learning styles and needs.


Environmental education is incorporated into daily routines and practices at J.A.C’s Learning World. Through combining the ‘3Rs’ Reduce, Reuse and Recycle into our learning environment we are able to support children with the opportunity to develop an awareness and understanding about their responsibility to care for their natural environment, this provides a platform for ongoing and new learning.


The best resource we can offer is our dedicated, trained staff that possesses special nurturing qualities, and the ability to work collaboratively with each other and families in sharing the care of children in our community. J.A.C’s Learning World endeavours to continuously support staff through development and training opportunities, networking with other services to ensure staff reach their full potential as early childhood professionals.


Guiding Principles

  • To provide consistent emotional support as well as positive interactions during play and learning.

  • To help children develop independence and self-help skills in an environment that will foster a child’s self-esteem.

  • To build on trust and open communication with all families so we can develop a sense of shared goals for each child.

  • To respect and treat each child and their families as unique, valuable individuals.

  • To provide children with a positive environment where each child experiences success and positive reinforcement, as this can encourage children to challenge themselves and try new things.

  • To support diversity by encouraging children to maintain their individual differences whilst also using these to promote awareness amongst all children.

  • To consistently evaluate our own practices, provide opportunities to further develop ourselves as early childhood educators/teachers and the quality of our care and educational program across the centre.